Dinglong Shares its Heritage and Quality Eagerly Await For Its Magnificent Show

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    May 2011
    Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 1966, specializing in the production of corrugated boxes, carton printing, die cutting, folding carton binding and other packaging machinery businesses. With support from users in the industry and other sectors, Dinglong has become a famous company in the Chinese packaging machinery industry over the years by continuous efforts in development. Its products, such as the high-precision printing slotting die-cutting machine and printing glue linking lines, are now leading the market domestically and abroad. Its products are sold domestically and can also be found in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and other developed economies. Their success has gained respect and admiration within the industry, and the brand “Dinglong” has won the trust of customers at home and abroad.

    In May 2016, Dinglong exhibited three Flexo Folder Gluer Inline, and participants confirmed Dinglong’s guarantee of speed and accuracy. They witnessed the FFG producing 300 cartons per minute, Quick order changes, hang on the printing plate without machine stopping, increasing efficiency by lowering manpower. The first production line, VRIDA-TP-FFG fixed type flexo folder gluer, was ordered by Shanghai Yongsheng Packing Co., Ltd. The second machine, VRIDA-TP920-4CKM-FFG, fixed type flexo folder gluer, was ordered by Shandong Longda company. It was equipped with automatic high-speed printing, folding, gluing, counting and stacking capabilities with a Robert palletizing. The second machine demonstrated creating cartons for online shopping. The third machine, INOVA-TP-FFG open & close type vacuum transfer top printing flexo folder gluer, was to be exported to Saudi Arabia. The production line was equipped with printing, slotting ,die-cutting, folding, gluing, counting, stacking capabilities. By including all of these features on one automatic production line, the machine greatly reduces the labor and skill needed for production.

    Transformation and upgrading, building on stability
    Currently, most of China's printing industry business has focused on the quantity of machines, without concern for efficiency and productivity and labor needs of the product. In a time when there is a focus on labor intensive machines, China must shift its ideas away from high labor manufacturing to more automatic processes. In order for China to grow its corrugated industry, it must focus on developing information automation, concepts of efficient manufacturing, industrial engineering and site management in order to achieve excellence.

    Dinglong Executive Director, Mr. Daniel Zhou, said that China's packaging industry is in a new stage of transition. The future is efficient, intelligent, and uses big data to control manufacturing. He estimates that 99% of secondary plants will need to be changed. With these inevitable adjustments, individuality and diverse methods will be important for companies to raise their level of competitiveness.

    Mr. Daniel Zhou said that he is very confident about the future of the packaging industry. Undoubtedly, China is the leader in the packaging industry, taking up a large market share. However, because of early reckless expansion efforts, the market is oversaturated and competition is cut-throat. China has the largest market for packaging, but companies need to reflect on how to achieve more long-term development.

    Over the next 3-5 years, Dinglong needs to move forward with a sense of responsibility and a sense of national dignity, in order to adapt to the changes and transitions. Our past achievements have become history, now we must decide whether to continue to grow. In order to grow, we must first be critical of ourselves and cut off any inefficiencies. Change is a painful process, but only through experiencing this pain can we live a better tomorrow.

    Dinglong has an experienced management team. In the face of an uncertain future, we must focus on specializing and improving the quality of our products. Many companies were lost when they entered into the capital market. Daniel Zhou expressed that Dinglong Machinery needs to focus on automation, information systems, and intelligence in order to stand out in the industry. Dinglong Machinery has always insisted on being humble. We must always learn. Europe has developed earlier than we have and now with more advanced than us. The knowledge of foreign countries is worth researching and learning from. However, under the China’s national conditions, we should integrate their strengths but not copy. We should pay more attention to the customer needs which should be the foundation of our research modifications. We have a group of highly professional technicians with their own unique judgment and ideas. The developments of Japan, Europe, and America are ahead of China’s, and so their development process is worth studying. We are closing the gap between the other more developed countries, so Dinglong has committed to measures moving in the right direction.

    Don’t forget the past, but look forward
    SinoCorrugated 2017 is in the preparatory stage. SinoCorrugated 2017 will be held at Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre on April 11-14, 2017 and will combine with SinoFoldingCarton 2017 and China Packaging Container Expo 2017. Spanning over 110,000 sqm in exhibition area, the combined events will converge more than 1,100 industry leading brands, showcasing over 1,800 high-end and cost-effective equipment and thousands of consumables. Sixty-five thousand local and international professionals will visit the exhibition, including 8,000 international buyers from over 110 countries and regions. In the upcoming event, Dinglong Machinery will continue to uphold its commitment to be stronger, longer lasting, more professional, higher quality, and show its cutting-edge corrugated equipment for local and international visitors. Stay tuned!

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