Digital Press Suggestions For Synthetic Labels

Discussion in 'Other Digital Presses' started by AnsellC, Sep 19, 2023.

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    Sep 2023
    I'm looking for suggestions for a digital press and replace my current printer (OKI 9542). We mostly print on 13x19 synthetic labels doing around 5,000 sheets a month and occassionally business cards on 300gsm stock. Speed is not a priority but quality is. I am not satisfied with the print output of my current printer especially when printing solid colors, there are visible vertical lines on the print since day 1, even on brand new drums and toner.

    I'm looking into Ricoh C5300 and C4070 which both are 2400 dpi. I am extremely hesitant to go to roll to roll printers because my cutters are all sheet fed. Should I go with a lower end MFC or are these two good? Im really after offset-quality prints or somewhat near. TIA!

    Additional question: I'm coming from wide-format printing and OKI 9542 is my first laser printer. I noticed that my prints are "raised/embossed", I can feel it when touching the printed area. Is that how it's supposed to be?