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    Hi Guys,
    I have an issue with the PC that runs the press, we get a blue screen on start up on the usual hard drive and when we switch to the back up drive it is hit and miss whether it will start up again. I have spoken to Heidelberg support who (without a visit or inspection) have told me I need a new PC. This does seems pretty expensive and a large outlay for me to spend without exploring potential workarounds.

    I understand that the hard drives can't just be changed for 'off the shelf' models but can they be repaired or perhaps a software re-install may fix them?

    The code on the pc is MC3-C-BR-05 from a 2007 sm52 Anicolor.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi sir:
    Please test the CPU or MicroP
    1) Reset it attached is there the schematic
    2) Test the power supply for MicroP. must be +5Vdc or see the schematic diagrams tolerance must be O.5% up or down, otherwise you must exchange the power supply or repair.
    3) Test the frequency of CPU or Micro P, according with the Model of MicroP that you have in Order Mhz.
    4)Reseating Boards and components: Edge connectors are a common souorce of problems. Power down the system and remove the PC boards. Examine the edge connector .for contamination and clean with contacts cleaner contacts. Reseat any loose components such as scoketed ICs) . Reseat the boards and power up.
    Remember the CPU, has Self-diagnostic, eac MicroSeg, It do it a millions of times any times, that you Turn On the Machine, start to
    Let me know.
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    has Heidelberg determined your need for a new PC based upon them connecting to you remotely and getting into your system? Or was their suggestion based upon a verbal description of symptoms by you via phone or email?