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    Sep 2020
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    I have a Heidelberg MOV that slammed to a stop in the middle of a run. The bell rings and the brake releases in inch or run, but it won’t move forward or reverse. The slow down wheels on the delivery run when I hit the inch button. The press hand cranks freely. In Dyn Test 1, SBM 1/2 is flashing 7DFD. A tech suggested that I swap the SBM modules, but that didn’t help. I replaced the RGP board because that controls the drive. No change.
    Any ideas, please?
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    SBM1 - "Run", "Forward inching", "slow crawl" and for braking with backwards inching.
    SBM2 - "Backwards inching" and braking for "Forward inching", "Run" and "Slow crawl".

    Your error code will only show up for active module. Error code you listed translates to SBM defective. Realize that though this may be true, it could also stem from a power source. Look at primary and secondary voltages. Then inspect large, white rectangular ceramic fuses.
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    Hi sir

    Please test the Field circuit connection between SLT and main motor faulty, tes the connection

    1a) test the GRM 120 in plug X15: 1,2: Ground + pin 5,6:+120Vdc

    1b) test the input in SVT L1 +L2+L3 , for 380-415Vac 3 phases, however you can using another voltage in the input motor, like 220Vac.

    1c) measure in terminal of main motor the Voltage indicate as mentioned before, motor can be maintenance or faulty.

    1d) look for +48Vdc Voltage of the brake in the brake control module BAM.test the connection BAM vs Motor, Check the terminal box of main motor.

    1e) look for loose connection, or corroded, or broken wires, or in Electronic board: dirty and dry and colder joint solder in SVT, SLT,.

    2) If is o.k the SVT defective