Color Management Issues with GMG ColorServer

Discussion in 'Color Management' started by tyruschen, Aug 11, 2023.

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    Jul 2023
    Hello everyone,

    Our company relies on GMG Colorserver to ensure consistent color reproduction across our various digital printing machines. However, we have noticed a consistent shift in the printed colors over time, specifically towards a reddish hue, across all our machines. Despite our best efforts to calibrate and fine-tune the color profiles, it appears that GMG Colorserver is somehow introducing this color shift. This issue has persisted across all the machines we've used over the past ten years, such as Konica 6501, Xerox 700, Ricoh C751, as well as our current machines like Iridesse and Fujixerox V80. Over time, the printing results consistently turn increasingly red.

    We have reached out to the software provider of GMG and the engineers responsible for our printing machines to help us solve this problem. However, despite several years having passed, the issue remains unresolved. We are curious to know if anyone else has encountered a similar situation with GMG Colorserver. If so, how did you address it? Are there any steps that you would recommend? Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Tyrus Chen
    Interprint Prepress Co., LTD.