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Discussion in '8 ½ x 11 Color Laser Printers' started by Coco Janell, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Coco Janell

    Coco Janell New Member

    Jan 2013
    I am starting a home based business and need to print labels for lip balm and sunblock. Can anyone recommend a budget friendly color laser printer . I would also like wireless and have a MAC. Any advice would be greatly appreciated . thank you.
  2. OkiTech

    OkiTech Senior Member

    Jan 2008
    The wireless could be an expensive option on professional level printer as everything is pretty much is a extra option unlike Brother printers @ staples. The industry gives you 2 choices - you can buy the printer which will be a budget friendly but supplies will cost you huge or you can buy a real printer which isn't quiet a budget friendly especially if you just walked by printers isle at department store but supplies an cost of running it will be significantly less. I will bring up an example - you can buy the printer near $500 HP or Brother where set of cartridges will cost you about as much with toner load for about 3000-4000 pages or you can buy Xerox Phaser 7760 which is about $4000 but set of cartridges cost just under $1000 but yields about 25,000 based on 5% coverage but anyway... You need to estimate how much you'd be printing monthly, is it going to increase.... May be you better of opt out for inexpensive color copier lease, say $250 per month with 6-7c per click contract and never bother with cost of supplies or repairs...