Color Help with Phaser 7760 - PLEASE!

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  1. vlk

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    Mar 2013
    I am using MS Publisher 2010 (also have and use 2000 and 2003) and a xerox Phaser 7760 printer. I am not able to print colors accurately from Publisher. I spoke to xerox tech support and they said that Publisher is changing the color values to RGB. How does the printer interpret color - in rgb or cmyk? Should I be producing the document in cmyk color? Do I need to save the photos as cmyk color in Photoshop first? And how can I get the printer to accurately print the color of photos that are in the Publisher file? I am creating Real Estate Factsheets with many pictures and have tried embedding the photos; linking the photos; creating the document in Indesign and printing; creating a pdf and printing that, etc - I get varied results, but not CORRECT results and it is becoming extremely frustrating. I also sometimes send out documents for print and trying to get a proof of what it will look like from my printer is impossible!! Anyone who can help me out there??
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    if your using publisher 2010, there is a free add on that you can use to convert to pdf, make sure its on cmyk when you convert it and print the pdf sorry i see youve already tried it
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    you're taking an awfully wrong start... Publisher isn't the right software for this purpose. Yes it creates RGB files and your printer have to interpret it in to CMYK. I am sure it is doing it's best but not always accurate as there is no 100% interpretation RGB to CMYK. Try photoshop or save as PDF and covert to CMYK, at least this way you may get predictable results...