Canon IPF820

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  1. aAandy

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    May 2016
    hello everyone

    this machine won't print, anything, not even nozzle checks and it doesn't show any error code

    it loads paper fine, performs cleaning ok, but when you go to print a nozzle check (or anything else) the paper aligns, the print carriage comes out, then it just sits there, moves to the centre, goes back to right hand edge, goes back to centre, then it cuts off a blank bit of paper and ejects it

    video here:

    any ideas?

    thank you in advance

  2. Adam-KIP-Canon-HP-Tech

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    Jan 2019
    Pensacola, Fl
    I work on these all the time and this is an Odd occurrence. I suspect it has something to do with the Multi Sensor but I am a little baffled as to why it is not giving any errors. Are you in Service Mode? If not maybe first thing you can try is going into Service Mode and running some standard calibrations. Under ADJUST in Service Mode you will see PRINT PATTERN and then select OPTICAL AXIS. Next under ADJUST you will run the GAP CAL, and the CR REG. Remember all these Calibrations should be done on Glossy Photo Paper.
    You may also want to look under the carriage for red, blue, green lights lighting up next time you run that Nozzle Check. If you see nothing you may need to replace your MultiSensor.
    Other than that just check that your Encoder Strip in the back is clean. If all checks out you will want to contact a Technician to come out. You could even be looking at a Main Board issue.