Canon iPF 670 head problem

Discussion in 'Large Format Inkjet Printers' started by Dejan, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Dejan

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    Apr 2017
    I have Canon iPF 670. There is problem with print head. As attachment is attached nozzel check and on Cyan is only half printered. The other nozzels not working. The print head print well only on some ligth cyan colors. I do head clean A, head clean B also I clean with special canon cleaner but it doesnt work. Any sugestion please
  2. Adam-KIP-Canon-HP-Tech

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    Jan 2019
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    I work on these all the time and this might be the most common problem. It could be the Printhead itself is having a problem so I would check the Number of days Elapsed under Information/Printhead Info and if it is not over 2 years then it is likely what I am leaning towards which is your Purge Unit. Your Purge Unit takes care of your PH. It caps it, pulls ink thru it, cleans it and keeps it from drying out. If your Purge Unit has a problem it is going to be reflected on the Printhead. This would also explain why your Head Cleaning A and Head Cleaning B is not improving things. Take the far right cover off and move the Carriage containing the PH to the Left out of the way, either by rotating the gears of the Purge Unit or you just get the Carriage Moving and quickly unplug the machine, leaving the Carriage out and away from the Purge Unit on the Far Right.
    Look for paper sitting on the Purge Unit. Look at the Ink Absorbers (the 2 Rectangular Pieces on top of Purge facing UP) and clear them of debris. You can even pop them out and rinse then under water if there is ink visibly piling up on them.
    If your Printhead is fairly new then I would definitely start with the a Purge Unit Cleaning, then Replacement, and hopefully there was no permanent damage done to the PH but that is a possibility.