Canon ImageRunners vs Xerox 560/C60

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    Mar 2022
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    Hi all,

    I've been looking to replace a Xerox 560 that's past it's useful life with something a bit cheaper. I've been looking at the Canon ImageRunner Advance DX C3826i and I'd like to know how you all think the Canon ImageRunners compare to the Xerox 560/C60 machines? The price is a fair bit lower, but the print costs are a bit higher than a new Xero Altalink c8030.

    We use Macs and Adobe software, this printer is for a small team of 6 who only do about 25k prints a quarter, slightly more mono than colour and a lot of A3. We've always needed an EFI fiery with the Xerox machines to enable print options in Photoshop etc. but the Mac drivers seem a lot easier to find on the Canon website than for Xerox so I was wondering whether they're any better and if we can get away without an external EFI Fiery? Any comments on print quality or reliability?

    Any firsthand experiences especially comparisons would be greatly appreciated!