Can Indigo 3600 be set up to run with a Mac instead of a PC?

Discussion in 'HP Indigo Digital Presses' started by John in New York, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. John in New York

    John in New York New Member

    Jul 2018
    New York City
    Surely a fools question....
    ....but does any one know if an Indigo 3600 can be set up to run with a Mac instead of a PC? If not, has anyone had good luck upgrading from the stock computer tower to something a little more powerful and with an excellent monitor/graphics card? I did some searching but couldn't find a clear answer so here I am.

    We're a small shop, and would prefer, if possible, to be able to create PDFs from InDesign and Illustrator right at the Indigo, rather than have a USB running around all the time and checking proofs at the other end.


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