c284e Print Quality Issue

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    Sep 2022
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    Hi all, I'm new to servicing copiers, not printers in general however...
    just scored a cheap KM Bizhub c284e, that has done 335k. It printed ok generally, but with a smeary line always in the same place. Researching the problem I came to the conclusion that the transfer belt needed replacing, as the unit also said this was due. So I found one with blade at alixpress (none locally), and have just followed the video tutorials to replace it.
    I don't know whether I have done something wrong, or what the issue is, but there is inconsistent print with lines on one end of the A3, and smudges, as highlighted in attached image.

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    Apr 2019
    The marks you're seeing are most likely from the drums, especially since that smaller mark you circled is repeating. If you print a full 11x17 page of 100% magenta, another with 100% yellow, one with 100% cyan, and one with black (try 100% and 50%, you'll be able to see which drum(s) is making the marks.
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