Bourg binding BB3001 - glue drum stuck - HELP

Discussion in 'Book Binding' started by Dymski, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Dymski

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    Jan 2013
    Hello Everyone,

    Is anyone of you still using bourg binding system BB3001 ?
    I hope so... as I am actually strugling with one issue with this little *******.

    During the work one of the glue drums (the one with heater) is getting stuck.
    Engine actually still seems to work is is like trying to push the drum but its not spinning!
    I think I could actually burn the engine if i would leave it working like that for a while.

    Therefore, it seems like it is some mechanical issue with the glue drum?
    Or maybe there is some mechanism that should block it which may not work properly?

    Could you please advise if you encountered something similar ?

    Thank you all for your help! Much appraciated!
    Best regards