Bizhub C350 – Misfeed error wont reset

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    Jun 2020
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    Hi guys!
    Some weeks after we successfully resolved the previous problem with my printer (Bizhub C350) I got another one.

    Recently when I printed from feeder Bypass take-up on A4 paper I got a misfeed error. There is also a creaking noise every time I turn it on and the error won’t go away. (check the video here)
    - I opened the right door checked but there is no misfeed paper in the unit.
    - Turned it off/on and unpowered it.
    - I took out the fuse, belt and imaging units and turned/moved every cog/wheel/moveable part which became visible. None of them seems to be stuck.
    - I cleaned the unit inside and outside with ethyl alcohol.
    - I blew out the whole unit with air compressor.
    Neither of these helps.

    It happened before that I got some misfeed errors in this type, but removing the paper or just simply opening and closing the corresponding door resolved the problem.

    I thinking may be the problem with some other moveable part hidden deeper inside, or with the sensors. What do you think?