Best solution for preventing warped paper, smudges when printing?

Discussion in 'Inkjet Paper' started by g2010a, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Aug 2016

    I print on photo paper at home, but during the summer months the paper gets warped around the edges and gets smudged with black ink when printing. How I'm printing:
    1. Semi-gloss photo paper (220 g/m2)
    2. Printer: Pixma ix6820
    3. Temperature and humidity: 25C 80%

    Every time a print is smudged, it gets thrown away; it's bad for the environment and the wallet. To reduce waste, I'm wondering which of the following approaches would be effective, and if there aren't others I haven't thought of:
    1. Store paper and printer in a humidity-controlled environment (which temperature and humidity ranges?)
    2. Purchase different kind of paper (which would warp least under high humidity?)
    3. Use a printer that doesn't smudge warped paper (is there such thing? anything affordable?)
    4. Recondition paper to remove warping (how?)

    If anyone has any experience with a similar problem, I would much appreciate any pointers...

  2. Bill Borcicky

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    keeping paper at room temperature will aid you and help with ink drying. The true problem here is your humidity is way too high for your ink to dry fast enough, also it is causing your curl on the paper which is a nightmare for inkjet printers. Some people use dehumidifiers to lower humidity, others store paper under some kind of weight and in a wrapper to keep humidity off the paper. Cleaning your printer head regularly will prevent buildup of ink and less likely to smear ink. The bow or curl on the paper won't help anything, it needs to be as flat as possible not to rub against the printer head. If you are stuck on wanting an inkjet printer, you will have to tough it out with loss until you can drop the humidity down to under 45% ( in my opinion ). Have you inquired about any different types of printers?