Best Deal for PC Printers for Handmade Books?

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    Apr 2015
    I've got into the habit of taking notes on various things into word processors, with pages set to 8.5 by 5.5 (a 11x8.5 sheet folded in half). So I can print the pages 2 per side of paper, fold them, and sew them all together and then bind them with cloth or leather. I made some family tree books like this and they're really nice and durable.

    The problem is I was using an Epson printer for this that has totally screwed itself with dried ink and would not print any black at all. I took the printer apart and washed and dried the print head, squeezed water through its nozzles and everything. After it dried, it printed some but still is bad quality. I also installed new ink cartridges (over $40 altogether) and just after running a few test prints, I was already being told that I needed to buy more black ink. Seriously? I know they're scamming me, and this isn't going to work for 600 page books that I'd like to print out (ie, 150 normal sheets).

    So this is the problem I need your experience in solving...

    I need a printer with good quality (for color pictures too), that won't run me broke from ink (even if it means refilling cartridges myself), or break my wallet in general. I realize I'm going to have to probably spend more money than I'd like for this, but I want some expert advice first.

    Thanks guys...