Appropriate paper weights for home laser printer

Discussion in '8 ½ x 11 Color Laser Printers' started by tvanhorne, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Mar 2013

    I feel like this question is a bit off-topic here, but I couldn't find a more appropriate forum to post in! Thanks for any advice on this.

    I live in Japan and use 90kg paper. I'm in the market for a new home laser, and need to know which printers I can use this paper in.

    According to this chart, 90kg is 104.7 gsm (I think).

    The printer I'm looking at is the Brother HL-5350DN, which calls for paper up to 105 gsm. No problem here so far, I think.

    I also use 110kg paper, which seems to be 128 gsm. Will I be getting myself into trouble if I try to use that paper in this printer?

    Thanks for any thoughts or advice!