Adast 313 Gear Streaks on Blanket

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    Hi Friend Somma,

    I am back......this time with good news.
    I don't know how to thank you for the advices you gave me Somma.

    Let me thank first to this wonderful coloreprinting forum.
    if not for this how can i find a person like you somma..

    Thank you so much for you dear founder of the colorprintingforum.
    please keep up this good work forever.

    Now everything is fine. after struggling with the blanket to plate
    and blanket to impression setting for two days i came across this problem.
    only had to rotate eccentric bolt for few mm.
    but to find the exact setting which eliminated these streaks i had to
    go through lot of trial and i told you earlier this was
    and untouched location of this machine by i am not scared to any problem of this machine. you know why...???? cos now I am having a good friend called Somma in Argentina.

    Dear Friend Sooma now i want your mailing address....
    I must give you a gift brother. I'll never forget this help you rendered.
    Please send your mailing address as a private massage if you're not like to
    disclose in public.

    Once again Thank you so much somma for your uninterrupted responses....
    That encouraged me a lot.

    Thanks & Regards,

    demel :)

    PS. awaiting for your mailing address.
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