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    Nov 20, 2011
    Dear Fellow Printers

    I'm operating an ABDick 8810 duplicator.I had to replace a worn out upper form roller. The replacement roller I could find had a rubber width (11.3'') as wide as the plate cylinder but wider that the upper oscillating roller.
    Whereas the old roller had a narrower rubber width(10''): exactly the width of the plates I'm using.

    With the replacement roller the scumming increased, and produced very light copy. Is this because it's too an old roller with swollen ends that I took from an old model abdick.

    I wonder why they produced such a narrow oscillating roller that would not oscillate to cover the entire width of the cylinder which could result in a better water coverage.

    Ps. I'm using a wider(11.3'') lower form roller with good results.

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