A1-3 tray issues

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  1. Snebi89

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    Aug 2021
    I am opening a special thread for the probably the worse part of the Xerox Iridesse. We had a lot of issues when using the tray for the long paper sheets. We made some modifications and tried many things to solve some critical issues but without some expected success. I will write down 3 big ones I am dealing right now, maybe some of you already are familiar of and made some effective changes.

    1. While setting up the tray A1-3 for the specified paper properties, in the advanced settings is not possible to set Fuser performance priority to Optimize for Image Quality (only for Speed). Is there any other trick to choose that option?
    2. It took months to solve the problem of registration to get final print constantly aligned when printed. As the sheets are long 1m, we expect to get out of the way while getting to the finish tray slightly, but the alignment vary from 1-6mm. Thats quite big thing while printing 2-sided.
    - we made special plastic surface that extends the tray and special regulators on the both sides of the surface that align and hold long sheets also from the top-side of the sheet. Idea was, to align the sheets as perfect as they can be, but somehow still no good result.
    3. We had putted the air flow from the side to add more air between the sheets while there is not much air from the feeder. It kinda solved the issue with the sheets thick 170g or less, but still no effect while printing 170g or more. It can happen that paper jams happened before the aligner because the tray let more than 10 sheets in one time.

    Thank you for sharing your experience,

  2. Chris Babcock

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    Nov 2021
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    I also have a question in regards to tray A1-3. I suspect that you cannot print a specialty color as a spot color when running anything oversize out of this tray. Specifically clear. I've verified that the file is set up correctly and it DOES allow me to "flood" clear. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
    Chris Babcock