A Vinyle Texture when UVing 14ptCardstock from my Ricoh 7110

Discussion in 'Gloss Coatings' started by Patrick Hameister, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Patrick Hameister

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    Jul 2020
    Antioch, Ca
    I am having issues with The UVi am using recently. If i UV a Blank Sheet that hasnt gone through the press its nice and flat. As soon as i have ink on the sheet and feed it through my coater i has a textured bumby feeing lke the feeling of a Vinyl Back that you use for book binding. What am i doing wrong? I tried slowing it down , more pressure, less pressure, more UV, less UV , even diluting the UV so its not so thick. Slow down the belt speed maxing it out. letting the media sit overnight. still issues. Please help