A few questions on Eizo ColorNavigator 7

Discussion in 'Color Management' started by rbanks8, May 3, 2022.

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    May 2022
    I make fine art photographic prints, and recently went from my old iMac display to a new Eizo CS2740. I now have a grasp of what "hardware calibration" offers, but have a few remaining questions about the ColorNavigator calibration app, please.

    1. I normally work in the Adobe RGB color space, but Eizo's support videos suggest setting the gamut to Native, instead of Adobe RGB, one saying this is o make the most of all the display has to offer, and that you'll then restrict it in Photoshop.

    Does that make sense to you? I was thinking you might set the gamut to Adobe RGB if that’s your Photoshop space, and use Native if you’re working in the larger Pro Photo RGB space.

    2. ColorNavigator has a "Priority" setting, offering "Standard" (Color tones are adjusted for the middle tone only and no adjustment is made for the low tone) and "Gray Balance" (Color tones including the low tones are adjusted). Eizo recommends Standard, but why wouldn’t you want the "low tones" adjusted, too? (presumably that means "dark values")

    3. There's also a Quick Color Match app. Is that a quicker, but less sophisticated alternative to calibrating with ColorNavigator and a measuring device?