7760 and color shifting with Removable Vinyl sheets

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    Oct 2012
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    I manage a Creative Services department that uses a Xerox 7760 for proofing and some short-run production. Recently, we started printing window clings for some clients. However, the color quality of our 7760 varies wildly between paper (where everything looks great) and the adhesive vinyl sheets we've been using (Mohawk Bravo Frosty Clear for Dry Toner presses).

    Some colors print fine on vinyl, but others -- particularly reds and browns -- come out looking terrible. Our paper vendor says we have the right material for our printer, and other customers report no problems. We've tried a variety of settings on our software and hardware, but without much success.

    On the 7760, since there is no paper select option for vinyl, we've been running as either extra thick card stock or thick glossy -- both produce similar results.

    Does anyone have a clue why our reliable 7760 would go all wonky when asked to print on vinyl labels? We're stumped!
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    Hi. Your answer lays in your question - "since there is no paper select option for vinyl" most likely and sadly it may not just meant to be. Some other customers may have a better success but do you know for the fact that they are using the same printer? Mechenism of the digital printing include the point where image (which basically powder on the drum or ITB Belt in your case) has to be transferred on to paper VIA transfer corona or roller in your case, High Voltage being supplied to transfer roller which creates static charge, while paper passing trough it attracts toner from the ITB belt after that substrate passes trough the fuser where image being cooked on to paper using heat and pressure. Now, not all the machines are constructed equally so may perform better that others when unsupported media is used. There is a chance that your specific substrate dissolves the static charge of the transfer to the point that there is not enough to pull enough of toner particles for a good looking image. Some other machines may have transfer so strong that it being less affected.
    If you need to run this kind of material try to use it different printers... Try, may be Xerox DC242, OKI CX3641, May be KM6501. I am sure that guys around here have all kind of machines, you could ask if anyone would be willing to print a page or two for you if you mail the paper sample and a file. I have OKI CX3641, could print you a test page for you if you'd send me few sheets of paper, no problem at all. if you decide to do so - put 8-10 LTR size sheets and piece of corrugated cardboard in to 9x12 envelope. Contact me VIA PM or UnlimitedBT@yahoo.com for an address.