64-bit drivers for IKON CPP500

Discussion in 'Konica Minolta Color Laser Printers & Copiers' started by speedster, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Jul 2009
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    We have an IKON CPP500 which is made by Konica Minolta. We've traditionally run our network on 32-bit Windows XP. Recently we've been forced to order new PC's that run 64-bit Windows Vista (Due to needing 8GB of ram). Now I'm having trouble finding an appropriate driver to use that will allow me to print to the IKON.

    Anyone know of where to look for this driver? A call to the IKON rep was very unsuccesful. The tech I talked to was totally clueless and suggested that he didn't think there was a 64-bit driver available for the CPP500. I can't imagine in todays age of 64-bit computing that they don't support 64-bit operating systems.

    This is the last copier/printer/plotter reaming on our system that we aren't able to use in 64-bit OS. We run an older Canon iR-7200-M1, an HP Designjet z6100ps, and an HP Designjet 1055CM and all are running fine with the 64-bit OS.
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