3-Edge Printing on Impressia

Discussion in 'Xante Color Laser Printers' started by Christopher Reilley, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Christopher Reilley

    Christopher Reilley New Member

    Sep 2019
    Can anyone help me with 3-edge printing?

    I have a ton of questions. First and foremost is how do I get it to work? There is only a chgeck box in the job properties dialog box under output, and that's it. No mention of it in any FAQ, or video, not on the Xante website, and not even on Google.

    I am trying to accomplish it on a letter sized sheet and a #10 envelope.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Tom B

    Tom B New Member

    Oct 2018
    Quinter, Kansas
    I have NOT yet used the 3-edge print on iQueue so I can't address what to do there. I use iQueue for envelopes for the most part and to find the cost of printed work. I have 2 printers that have a click charge so I move work to where it saves me the most in printing costs.
    However, I'm running a Mac 27" late 2013 model computer with system 10.8.5 and Quark Xpress
    In the PPD box on the Print Layout window I use the RICOH Aficio C831DN ppd because the guy that installed it told me it is the right one to use and it seems to work fine.
    By selecting that ppd you should find the selection "Letter (full bleed)" in the Paper Size.
    You may have to do some moving of the form or enlarging slightly to get it to print to the edge, but I find that most times it is just easier to print on oversize stock and trim it later.
    I realize that won't work for the envelopes. I don't have any envelope printing jobs that bleed to the edge.
    I do use the "Letter (full bleed)" selection for many jobs that I print from the Mac that print within 1/8" or less to the edge.
  3. Amy Patterson

    Amy Patterson Member

    Oct 2018
    Chris, Not sure if you've figured this out yet- I'm trying to print envelopes with a trailing edge bleed and having to fight the machine to get it to look right. Any suggestions?