2003 Komori NL528+C electrical requirements

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  1. Platgraph

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    New press coming and have some electrical questions.
    - I have 240v power coming into building. The press requires 208v. Is the following hookup correct:
    1. Main 240v power to disconnect (what size disconnect do I need?)
    2. Disconnect to 75kva transformer (240v to 208v transformer)
    3. Transformer to disconnect (what size disconnect do I need?)
    4. Disconnect to Press.

    Can someone answer the disconnect size questions?
    Does everything else above sound correct?
  2. Meny

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    Apr 2008
    Depending on your local laws

    where i am you must have a disconnect to the press , to the Transformer and to the main cabinet.
    You also need a stop button in reach of the operator at all times and not over 3 meters away.

    Check your local rulls as the press has a main disconect on the main elect' cabinet and the transformer has it's own - it can work well like this , but again , depending on your local rulls....

    Good luck with the new press

  3. presselectronics

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    Is it just a disconnect or is it also providing overload protection? I would size the disconnect in front of the 75KVA transformer at 400A with 300A time delay fuses. Or use a circuit breaker at 225A.

    Between the transformer and the press, if it's by the press, you usually do not need another disconnect. That's if the press main breaker is sized correctly. Usually they are too big and a sharp inspector will make you change it. If that happens I replace it with a BW400RAGU-3P250.

    Check with your local electrician about what the inspectors require where you are.