1 color ryobi 500n with plastic sheets

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    Jul 2015
    hello everybody!

    i am new to offsets, as in so new i have never seen one in person... yet. i have been printing a long time and now must learn offsets, i found a very cheap ryobi 500n to learn on and its seems perfect for my needs, cheap, close by, and not too big.

    but i am not printing on paper, i need to do some detailed line work on 10 mil polycarbonate sheets that are 8.5 x 11", but i can up size if needed. now i know nothing about offsets, i have a LOT of work ahead of me. but before buying this press i really want to know if it will handle

    1. UV inks (i have the curing conveyors required to add to the press)
    2. 10-15 mil polycarbonate sheets
    3. fine detail (no halftones, just spot color lines) on the plastic

    i dont even know where to find plates yet so again, please take in to acocount i understand plate making, how offsets work, and the basics of offset printing but have never used one, i am very experienced with digital uv inkjet and screen though so im hoping if its possible it wont be too hard to get it printing. any insight you can give will be greatly appreciated, otherwise ill be out the money wit ha useless press as i havet o buy it this week or i loose it.

    thank you in advance!