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    Jun 2009
    Los Angeles

    DC240 Has Odor -- Is It Filling Up My Lungs with Toner?

    When the DC240 we just got runs, the odor from the toner (I assume that's what it is) is very strong. With the DC12, we had no such odor, or if it was there, is was so slight I didn't notice it. Is this harmful? Every time I go near the DC240 while it is running I imagine my lungs filling up with toner worse than if I was a smoker. We've aimed a fan at it, but maybe all that does is disburse the dust. Am I being overly concerned? By the way, I can't "see" any dust and don't notice anything settling on the items in the room. It's just that smell!

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    Do you notice the smell when printing on plain uncoated copy paper?

    The only time I notice our docucolor 242 has a strong odor is when printing on gloss coated stock where after running for a few hours straight the room definitely has a chemical odor from the stock/heat/printing combination.

    Also there is the ozone filter which I believe is inside the back left of the machine though we haven't changed ours yet.

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    Jun 2009
    Los Angeles

    I'm not sure if there is a difference between coated and non-coated. I'll have to keep that in mind in the coming days, but the order is strong on all stocks, much stronger than with the DC12.



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