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    Jul 2010
    Vojnik, Slovenia

    Xante Illumina, buying it.

    Hello to Xante Illumina owners.

    I am considering of buying a Xante Illumina 502 and would bi very greatfull for your opinion abaout it and if you could tell me about your expireances about it.

    Thanks a lot.

    Walter from Slovenia.

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    Jul 2010

    Hello Walter,
    First: Do not buy a Xante Illumina! I own this printer and I use it as my primary color printer, and it has been terrible from the beginning. Do some more research into other printers. The service is abysmal. The cost of materials is high. They will not refund defective consumables after 80% usage. The range of paper textures and weights that is usable is very limited. The technical support representatives will blame all your problems on the paper.

    Second: Do not buy a Xante! I consider this a moral and civic duty to inform you of the error you are about to commit. I wish I was in your position in which I still have a choice of printer choice.

    If you need more convincing, please reply. I will be happy to further explain.

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    Apr 2010
    Midwest USA

    I liked the idea of the heavy stock flexibility, but the cost per print was too much for me to consider. I do like the fact that they are honest and up front about the cost (they provide samples with cost to print them.) But the real-world cost per print put this beyond profitability for the jobs I would want to do with it.

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    Jul 2010
    Vojnik, Slovenia

    Hello Antonine and Archipelago,

    thanks for your replies. In the last days I had an oportunity to test the Xante Illumina and had to see that the costs for print per page are really out of my expectations. Also the qualitiy in printing is not as good as I would expect. For instance the capability of printing bigger areas of same color (C100, M50, K20) is very unconsistent.
    Now I will get the Xerox Workcentre 7755 instead and try to squize out the best. All of the test printing I have made with my files was a lot better even without any color corrections and using the normal PS driver.

    Thanks again for both your opinions and I wish you both lot of succes in doing your job.

    Walter from Slovenia.

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    Oct 2008
    Canada, West Coast

    Xerox 7755


    How is the Xerox 7755 working? Does it print envelopes?



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