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    Jul 2006

    For a "specialty" feature that no one else is offering in this price range, how about a clear gloss toner and drum so with an Illumina printer small print shops could simply swap in the "clearcoat" drum and toner catridge and run the prints through for a second pass to apply a clear high-gloss perfectly uniform finish. The Illumina would allow me to short run postcards for example, but the finish still isn't as good as the results from outsorcing to a press that has uv glossing capeability. Ane I believe Kodak's standalone nexglosser costs more than two illuminas, as does a standalone uv coater or laminator, not to mention the extra floor space required. Why not simply a swap in gloss no-pigment toner and drum (wih no pigment in the start toner/developer). This could provide a $1000 gloss option that would make the printer be able to produce output with a finish quality unmatched by any printer in this or 5x this price class in uniformity and high gloss!

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    Jun 2008

    Less expensive toner alternatives..free shipping!

    Another option for toner, if you are trying to cut your expenses, is iPrint Technologies based out of California. They offer free shipping and do have the C9200 toner for under $400, free shipping. Whatever you need, they can get it for you. They also sent me a free 3lb bag of M&M's. Damien is my rep and can be reached at 888 700 2345 ext. 7419. He is great to work with and will take good care of you, plus you get a big bag of free M&M's with every order. www.iprinttechnologies.com

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    Jul 2008
    St. Louis Mo.


    There is a company in St. Louis called Pavyer that carries Xante, they carry all parts needed for the Ilumina. You can find their information on their website.

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    Aug 2008


    Hello all,

    Summit Technologies now has supplies to reman the Xante Ilumina and Oki cartridges including the reset chip. Please contact me for more information.

    Paul Infantolino
    Account Executive
    UI Supplies, Inc.
    A Distributor of Summit & Uninet Products
    New York Operations
    (800) 221-3516, x206
    (631) 590-1040, x206
    Fax: (631) 206-9236

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    Nov 2008

    Ilumina 502 print price low?

    Hi Jeff!

    I have an ilumina 502 & i wanna know the cheaper way to make its print costs low.

    is there any link u got.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    The heavy stock handling of the Illumina is an interesting feature (12pt with ease) -- but the retail supplies costs make this printer a non-starter for me. Has anyone come up with a way to use a Xante Illumina in a higher volume printing sitiation with more economical consumables contract/supplies or non OEM toners to reduce print costs to be more inline with Canon/Xerox print costs?

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    Jan 2009
    Lutherville, Maryland

    Toner refills

    So, has anyone tried to use the toner refills for the oki machines in the Illumina machines with any success?

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    Oct 2007


    I use the toner from Uninet for my Oki 9300 machines. It seems to work fine, but it's not as glossy as Oki Toner.

    I read somewhere that silica is what makes toner glossy and that silica is the lubricant in Oki toner that eliminates the need for the use of a separate developer in Oki machines.

    It makes me wonder, if a toner is not as glossy as Oki toner, does that mean that it is not as slippery? And if it's not as slippery, does that mean that I'm using up image drums faster?

    I seem to go through a lot of image drums, but I have no hard figures to back it up, since I haven't really kept track of my usage.

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    Aug 2009
    SC USC

    Ikon will be selling this OkiaData printer soon but with a much better feeder, excuse me, an actual feeder. They will be buying it from PSI http://www.printpsi.com/laser_mail_e...e_printers.htm
    It does everythingthe Xante does but better, better service, and a consumables agreement that is alot cheaper.
    Ive demoed both, and we are working it into our budget for next year

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    Oct 2009
    Puerto Rico

    Ilumina toner and supplies...

    We are selling toner to customers remanufactured by some usa companies. We also reset the Drums back to 100% and found it works for at least three set of it without having to replace the drum.... The toner works fine and also if you need to replace the Fuser assy. insert a new one in place turn unit on. When it read 100% turn unit of and insert the old one you will have a new 100% fuser again for 100,000 copies again. Probably it works with the transfer belt as well. That we have not try, but for sure it works as well.

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    Aug 2010

    XANTE Ilumina Toner Refills

    Hi MrMunroe,
    UniNet is has made great developments in the Xante, OKI and Xerox toner since your post and the newer X-Generation toners have more gloss than before and is a chemical toner. This being a chemical toner is similar to the OEM which is more spherical which helps to give a more briliant image. If you would like more information on this or other toners please contact me directly. Thanks

    Carl C Sanderson
    Account Executive
    Uninet East Coast
    95 Orville Drive
    Bohemia, NY 11716
    Phone: (800) 221-3516 ext. 202
    Phone: (631) 590-1040 ext. 202 Fax: (888) 791-9188
    e-mail: carls@uninetimaging.com

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