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    Feb 2015

    Noob with noob question about buying a small newspaper press


    Is there a small newspaper single-color newspaper press that can print an 8-page tabloid format?

    I'd like the finished pages to be say 11x13" or there-abouts (or 22x13" for a two-page spread).

    Something that can make 2,000 copies of such a tab in say five hours or less.

    Dunno if such a beast even exists. Perhaps you can shed some light. Thanks.

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    U.S. Amory, Ms.

    most webs with an 11 inch fold will work. you will need to find a web roll of 26 inch width. page layout will be 22 x 26 wide. I'm not sure you can find a press that will run 2000 in 5 hours though. ( joke ) most older presses will do around 7000 / hr. Web presses are fast. you will have no problem printing this in that time frame. If you have trouble finding web rolls 26 inch, you might inquire about wider rolls say 32 or 34 inch and invest in a cutter to trim off the excess after printed. you will still be done within 2 hours even if you had to buy a cutter and trim them. a web with an 11 inch fold is the key thing to look for in your project.

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    Feb 2008

    WE can provide you with 26 to 36" wide presses. Need to know how many pages and are you looking for black ink only or color. If color, on how many pages?

    please contact me at:

    Angelo Wees



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