Greetings from Wisconsin,

We have a client with two Ricoh network printers - one is a model CL4000DN and the other is a model C430DN, both with multiple input trays. When the paper in Tray 1 empties (blue letter), the printer pulls from Tray 2 (heavy paper letterhead), and if Tray 2 is empty, the printer pulls from the bypass tray (white letter). Because there are different paper types in each tray, this has proven problematic for this client if they are not on top of ensuring available paper quantities.

From a Youtube video at , I have disabled APS (Automatic Paper Select) on both, but then the client needs to select the paper size at the printer each time they print.

Is there a way (either from the printer console or the web interface - preferred) to disable this tray switching feature, without requiring the client to manually select the paper size at the printer console?

Thank you in advance,
Isaac Grover