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    Mar 2009
    North Carolina

    Help, can't get my printer to print in color

    I am printing with a HP Designjet 110nrplus, from a computer with windowsxp and from a program called Softplan. I have tried everything and can't get it to print in color. Can anyone help. Thank you if you can.

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    Feb 2009

    More info's needed...

    ...before anyone can answer. Do you have the latest print driver loaded for that printer? Don't know anything about Softplan but I do know that it relies on the printer's Windows print driver. Can you print in color from other applications to that printer successfully? Can you print in color from Softplan to other printers? Is there a "Print in black only" mode in the driver that might be selected? Is your Softplan configured to output CMYK or RGB (in Perferences or Setup, e.g.)?

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    Mar 2009

    Make sure the driver is set to color by default in windows. With some programs if the printer is set to grayscale by default under control panel -> printers, even if you change it to color when you actually print the output will come out grayscale.

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    Mar 2012
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    I suggest you to check if Your printer is set to color? if not then set it.

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    Apr 2012
    Makati City Philippines

    Have you checked your printer ink already? Is your cartridge full? Do you still have colored inks? Naturally, it will not print if it's empty.
    Are you using generic ink? If it doesn't match your printer specs, then it may result to clogging and will not print.

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