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    Jan 2011
    Richmond, Surrey

    KM Magicolor 7450 dark colour on heavy stock

    Hi - I've had my 7450 for 4+ years now with no problems at all (other than expensive consumables!) and low usage (69200). Recently I have been getting dark prints when using stock other than normal paper - I only use normal, thick 2, label and photo. Labels print ok, but I only have a logo in colour. During the most recent run of 100 pages printed both sides (thick 2), as well as dark there was a pale cyan tint over what should be white paper - there is cyan on the paper feed rollers.

    I thought it might be a faulty cyan imaging unit (57% left). The lowest consumable is the transfer belt (11%). I've never replace it, so could it be this? The printer has tended to print slightly dark for some time but I always assumed this was variance in screen calibration to output.

    Someone suggested it is a hardware problem - the printer sensor not recognising the paper type.

    Any suggestions welcome. I'm a bit loathed to replace the cyan fuser unit unless I'm sure it's the cause of the problem.
    Thanks Clive

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    Aug 2011
    UK, USA

    Hello Clive,
    If you're still experiencing frustration with your mchine, may I suggest you visit: www.intecprinters.com. We are manufacturers of ultra-heavy stock colour digital printers with offices in the UK, Germany and America.
    Best wishes,

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    Aug 2012
    Caldwell, New Jersey

    Hello Clive,

    We purchased the 7450 Graphx II specifically to print envelopes and heavy stock, however we find that the paper curls and the envelopes are jamming. Is there something that we can do in the software or is there an adjustment on the printer itself?



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