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Thread: setting roller

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    Apr 2009

    setting roller

    Ok let me say that I feel pretty stupid for asking this, but my komori experience is very limited ( 7 months to be exact ).

    Friday I put in a new ink form roller D in a unit. All other rollers and stripes are very good, just D was bad. I couldn't get the stripes down to a 4mm. I left it at a 6mm to both plate and oscillator ( copper ). I could get it to a 5mm on the plate but then the copper would be a 7mm. After deciding to leave at a 6mm I started to wash up the ink I used to check my stripes. After turning impression on I could tell that it seemed like the new form roller was riding pretty hard on the plate by the sound it was making.

    Of course I realize that I should probably just adjust the whole set of rollers but im really trying to advoid this. I have been lucky in the past that I havent had to adjust others from just putting in one roller. I also want to make sure that im using the right adjustments. From what I could tell all I have to do is loosen the locking nut and then with a pin wrench i can rotate the roller closer either to the plate or copper. Im not missing anything in that step am i?

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    May 2008
    san francisco bay area

    Do you have the correct roller in the press?
    The shaft of the roller should be stamped with the roller "letter".

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    Aug 2007
    Derby, UK

    Could be the 'right' roller but recovered to the wrong diameter.

    It's always good practice to check diameter against roller diagram.

    Which Komori (and how old) you running?
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    Apr 2009

    1987 626...
    Its the correct roller, its stamped with the right letter. I do suspect it might be the wrong diameter and will check tomorrow.

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    Jul 2009

    You should set the d roller to the copper with the eccentric setting 1st then set to the plate 2nd.............

    you could also swing the eccentric setting and start a fresh because eccentric settings
    are like an egg shape which move the roller closer to the copper but if its in revers this would make the roller
    too close to the plate................and this could be why you can not get the d roller backed off the plate.

    Also there are two settings one to the roller which is the one you described and one to the plate which is usually inside at
    each side of the roller next to the roller housing...........
    you use a long Allen key for this setting............"i did on all the machines i have used.............."

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