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    Jan 2015
    nebraska usa

    perfector trouble

    I have a L40P 4/c press 2000 vintage serial #134 having trouble with converting from straight to perfect it stopped after face B check position that square is green the next square on convert chart is face B release....when I go to trouble chart it shows ...surface B suction head drive cam trouble......any help would be appreciated still waiting on komori to call back

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    Oct 2011
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    Well I hope Komori has called you back by now? Either way I find it is a good start familiarizing yourself on what is or is not happening. So the press unlocks the suction heads A/B when going into perfect and locks them out when going into straight. How does it do this; it has a short stubby shaft pop out of the frame, that goes into the cylinder and then turns a matching cam one way or the other. So did the shaft come out? Did it turn to unlock the shaft? Did the proximity switch light up indicating it turned far enough?

    I think if you are not familiar with this operation you might want someone experienced with your press guide you through these steps. Also when a Komori perfector has a serious error, it must be recovered back to straight. Especially if you power off and back on...

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    Stop the press !! :-)
    Perfector problems if not sorted out right , may cost alot of money & time in the next stage....
    In your manual you should be able to find the method of clearing the problematic condition and resetting the press back to straight mode , then what ever you need next.
    If you follow that very VERY carefuly , it should work.
    Over the years , i have seen lot's of problems that where simply cleared and the press was up and running again with nothing wrong.
    A very small change in your electrics feed while you change fase on press can put you in the CORNER , and demand that you reset the press.
    Do not attempt to play with it as you could damage the grippers & cylinders or get a SMASH that will jam the press...
    Best would be to have a Komori tech who fully knows the perfectors on site and NOT ON THE PHONE , as any other way could cost you an arm & a leg and more...
    Good luck



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