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    Difference between inkjet and giclee prints

    What is the difference between inkjet and gilcee prints? What is a giclee print exactly?

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    In the beginning (the late 80s and in the 90s) the term Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) was invented to distinguish high-end art prints run on Iris printers from the color-accurate but more "commodity" proofs the Iris printers were originally designed to generats, and from low end inkjet prints which with temporary inks and back then only 4 colors. Giclée has a meaning "to spurt"; the Iris printers use a continuous stream of ink which is deflected either away from or onto the media. Now the term Giclée is also used more generally to refer to any fine art print done on quality fine art stock with attention and care to detail and color fidelity and using light-fast pigment inks with 8- or 12- color machines (Epson inkjets for example.) Because of the many dye based prints out there that will fade and the digital/mechanical "office" connotaiton of the word inkjet, many artists prefer to call quality fine art "inkjet" prints Giclée prints to indicate the quality that has goine into them and to distinguish them as a different form made of the quality ink, fine paper, and care that went into producing them as fine art prints.

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