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    What is differece between Auto Plate Loading & Semi-auto Plate loading

    What is differece between Auto Plate Loading & Semi-auto Plate loading. I'm planning for SM52-4 and wondering what is semi-auto plate. Do i have to manually clamp the plates or it fits automatically with a push of a button.

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    Semi auto means you have to lift the guard and put the lead edge of the plate in the clamp, then hit a button and it does the rest. Automatic is when you mount the plate without lifting the guard and just hit a button.
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    Heidelberg really does not have an plate clamp system called "semi autoplate". For the SM52 most likely it has autoplate. The machine will automatically turn to the proper position to install the lead edge. At the press of a button the lead edge will open/close as needed. The machine will automatically turn to the proper position to press the tail of the plate into the clamp by itself. The only other plate system it could have is called EZ Plate. Very simular to Autoplate except you have to manually open/close the lead and tail edges with a pin wrench. Press still automatially moves to the proper position for lead and tail automatially.



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