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    Sep 2012

    Help-CPC2000 display error "Not connect to remote Ink controler"

    I have SM102 8P. One day, my enginer hard reset machine by connect jumper on motherboard. After that, CPC2000 display error Not connect to remote Ink controler, and cannot to adjust ink.
    I unplug full Ink Control table take it to other SM102 8P, and connect to test. At this SM102 CPC version is older than, it not display error. The first time, it take about 30 minutes to start CPC2000. And then, it star up quickly like normal, and we can adjust ink.
    Some one can advice me about solution to solve this!
    Thank and sory about my English.

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    Apr 2008

    Don't get me wrong...

    I think that touching without the full knowledge is a bad way and higher in price then getting the full & correct support from Heidelberg.

    If your engineer is not a qualified Heidelberg electrical engineer , it is stupid to let him play with your system.
    When you have an unclear problem , do not attempt to bridge motherbords & PCB's..... you can get deeper in to trouble , that your engineer will not know how to solve.

    Old say from China - when one stupid man drops a ston in a deep well . 1000 smart men will be troublled getting it out.....Call Heidelberg before you are in bigger problems - it will be cheaper.


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    Sep 2012

    My engineer sometimes do this reset on second SM102 8P i said before when it get problem on perfector. Normaly it work. But now, my company bought one more same SM102 8P, he think reset procedure it the same and do it.
    Thank for your reply.



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