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    Sep 2011

    Heidelberg SM 52-2 without perfector shows on screen a perfector error ..!!!!


    I am receiving on the screen of my Heidelberg SM 52-2 an error of the perfector. But the strange thing is that the machine is without perfector. It happened after some events. Firstly it happened a overload of water followed by a massive leakage of water from the waterpan. After fixing this by cleaning the dirty filters which were not allowing a correct flow of water, I received a F7 error. This was disappeared after restarting the machine, but it still is not running and in the display it shows that error of perfector. Since the machine doesn't have a perfector, what does it mean and how can I fix it? Is there any way of cleaning any sensor that creates this mess? Or any other ideas? The machine has CP Tronic of 2001.

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    is that the sound of a ghost ?
    May be some anti ghosting rollers will help :-)


    I would call a Heidelberg electrical engineer unless someone here has the exact knowledge....

    Good luck

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    Kennesaw, GA

    It is possible that there may have been an inadvertent change to the Variant codes which are responsible for telling the machine what it is. Although I do not know how that could have happened with the problem you described. There should be a list that came with the machine in your electrical cabinet that shows what the Variant codes should have been set at from the factory. You can compare it to what they are in your Cp-tronic.

    If you have to make changes you should get a service technician to do them.
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