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    Apr 2008

    Mqgpress - no need to apologize , I was a HD man for years and years , but since i got to know Kopmori - i have converted my religion :-)

    Heidelberg are good presses and i realy have nothing against them , in fact , i sell just about the same , as for every Komori i put in i must take out one or 2 HD presses...:-)

    Any way , my offer to Pavan was a 4 color Heidelberg press at his budget , and one he can inspect and test close to home , but he did not make contact so could loose the option over the week end.

    And last but not least , i do not eat fish , not do i eat UFO meat in a hot roll , i choose salads & cheese , and it keeps me younger :-)

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    May 2010
    dba Midwest Quality Graphics, Elk River Minnesota USA

    We should all take a lesson from you, Meny! (regarding your healthy diet, not your preference in printing machinery )

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    Apr 2008

    tell you what
    in 2007 , the SAPPY printer of te year print quality contest , the winer of the callander category was a customer of mine who took the world gold prize.

    When the ones who lost to him but won other categories asket him what model of Heidelberg press he used XL / CD , and he answered "Komori" , they said "then we Heidelberg people have a real problem".....

    I have cutomers who printed 100 mil impressions on a 40" Komori with a total expense for parts & labor UNDER 5000 EURO (in total)

    Sorry , Heidelbergs are grate presses , but not as good as the Komori - from the printer's point of view...

    Just a matter of time :-)

    I also run 10 miles a day and swim 4 times a week as i have no work keeping the Komories running :-)

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    Nov 2011
    Chicago, IL

    [QUOTE=Meny;27239]I have cutomers who printed 100 mil impressions on a 40" Komori with a total expense for parts & labor UNDER 5000 EURO (in total)

    Where they only printing white ink on paper?

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    Apr 2008

    Joe , it is hard to grab , i know , but it is true.

    When i came in to the Komori family i was told in advace i will never be able to make money from parts & labor.
    Comming from the Heidelberg market i said yha , yha..... but i was surprized to learn it was true... too bad for me :-)

    By the way , they do print some white ink but not on paper - on clear PVC ...:-)

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