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    UV Coating Systems & Supplies

    UV Curable Printers- Flatbed and Roll to Roll

    Over the past five years, new printing technology has been radically changing how signs and banners are printed. Wide Format, UV Curable flatbed printers have rapidly improved in print quality, capacity and reliability to the point that maintaining a traditional shop with a wide format ink jet, solvent and vinyl cutter may not be economically viable.

    UV curable inks are true “print on anything” technology – as long as the surface is flat, the printer generally can print a full saturation, color image directly on nearly any material. Unlike solvent and aqueous print technologies, UV flatbed printers don't need special and more expensive substrate. Most UV printers have supply costs that are way less than an aqueous ink jet printer or solvent jet. One flatbed printer, the Digital Legend 72 HUV has a print cost less than $0.19 per square foot, placing it on equal footing with single color cut vinyl at a tenth of the production time!

    Advantages of a UV Coating System
    With the addition of a UV Coating system you can enjoy the benefits of maximizing the capabilities of your existing presses and digital engines. Top coating business cards, post cards and covers. Adding a UV topcoat to a printed piece will give you the 3 P Advantage.

    - direct mail, book covers, heavily handled prints, water and chemical resistance.

    Product Enhancement
    - Visual appeal, different finishes, high end look and feel, intensifies dark colors, brings out small details

    Profitability – Sell your printing for higher profits, create new business and move work faster through production with the ability to seal the ink or toner and get the job out the door.

    UV Quality you can see

    Within 5 minutes of turning on power to a UV Coating system you will begin to coat your printing with quality UV Coating. The results are immediate; you will notice a remarkably enhanced sheet with a stunning finish and image protection ready for anything you can throw at it. Adding a UV Coater will give you the capability to apply Hi-Gloss, Satin or Matte coating almost on any printed sheet with ease. Our systems are offered in many configurations to fit your requirements, sizes range from 18” to 30” with a modular design to allow for added components such as an automatic feeder for increased production in the future. Let us show you the increase in capabilities and profits that you can achieve with the addition of the offline UV Coating System.

    Environmentally friendly UV Coater
    UV Coating with the XtraCoat may just be the most environmentally friendly way to apply a finish to your printing. The TEC COAT line of UV coatings is 99.9% VOC free and meet or exceed all environmental air quality regulations.

    UV coaters work great with all Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta copiers and all offset printing.
    Last edited by garry; 12-11-2011 at 07:36 PM.
    Garry Jones (President - Lloyds of Indiana)
    Paper/Document Handling & UV Coating Specialist

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    Quote Originally Posted by garry View Post
    XtraCoat Mini UV Coating System

    XtraCoat Mini UV Coating System, This UV Coater is sleek and compact and produces NO VOC's. Completly environmentally friendly. Great for any office or production facility. UV Coates all digital and offset printing, including Xerox, cannon, HP, Oce, Ricoh and Konica. Coat high-gloss, satin or matte finish. Produce high luster business cards and post cards fast and economical.

    Click here (UV Coating Systems, Supplies & Machines) to view the rest of this post.
    Garry Jones (President - Lloyds of Indiana)
    Paper/Document Handling & UV Coating Specialist

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    Hi Garry,
    Can you please email me the product list and price.I'm dealer for printing equipments in GCC.i.e Dubai

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    Been using a Konica 6000 to print all of our covers that will be UV coated, on our 1070, the uv coating scratches off easily. We just also upgraded to the 1085 and 1060, does anyone know if we will be having the same problem with either of these machines?

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