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    Print house stacking tables

    GRI Stacking Tables

    For narrow, wide or digital webs presses.

    Slow-Down Product Stacking Table (Patent Pending)

    Benefits shops with inline finishing or even some bindery applications.
    GRI?s Stacking Tables don?t mark like conventional stackers!
    What makes the difference? No drum or belts to guide the product.
    Less waste because no stacker jams!
    How does it do that? Nothing forcing the direction of the product just a delivery table, wheels, and a head stop. Nothing to jam up if a product comes out crooked you just pull it out it doesn?t go around a drum and get caught between belts causing books all over the floor and extra run waste.
    Higher run speeds and less labor than conventional inline delivery tables because of the better delivery.
    What makes a better delivery? The patented head stop, wheels, and slow down table.
    Minimal Make ready, easy setup.
    Why so easy? No belts and joggers to make ready and no carriage to adjust.

    Contact; ed@graphicresourceinc.com
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