I am glad I finally found a forum where I could find answers to the problems I am experiencing and ask directly the printers.

I am actually a graphic designer working for a big company that manufactures wood, laminated, and painted doors and countertops.
Several times a year, we produce color charts, laminate charts and woods charts, and we have a lot of problem matching the samples we have with the finished printed literature. The problem has become overwhelming.

We don't know how to troubleshoot the problem. Is it the problem of our scans, our photographer, or the printer?

How do you guys printers deal with printing images of wood? Do you ask the manufacturer to send you samples and then calibrate directly on the press after you receive my document?

Our printer actually suggested we send her our door pictures and she will play with them in photoshop, return them to us so we could put them in the InDesign document. Last step would be to send her my PDF-X1A.

I asked her for her press profile so I could emulate it on my screen... idea she rejected.

Anyway, I would gladly appreciate any comments you may have or ideas I should explore to solve our problem.


Catherine Roy