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    Jan 2008

    guys, I'd think that we need to look outside the box for this one,
    Look at the background trough the magnifying glass, are all colors present within? if yes, than check these:
    Humidity in the room, humidity of the cardstock.
    Electric line printer plugs in to, is it dedicated? Any chance it is ancient wiring and carry "noise"? - get a filter,not a $6 power strip a real power filter if you think electricity may not be clean.
    Let me know if these help.

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    Jan 2017

    I personally don't think it's any of those particularly issues, but glad someone answered

    I have had 4 of these printers now and every single one has developed the same problem in a very short time. I have a small business and have to keep up with orders, so when the fault occurred I just ordered another printer.

    Was actually thinking of getting a completely different printer, someone mentioned switching from 'laser' to the wax ones? A xerox phaser or similar. I wouldn't purchase another OKI everrrrr. But would love to know if the problem can be resolved.

    If it were a cardstock issue, it would happen from first use, but it didn't for me, it happened over time and then got worse till I was unable to send out orders as they were way too messy.

    So, I have 4 OKI printers that all print a grey marbled film when printing on cardstock and now I am seeing the same issue slowly appearing with copier paper.

    I have replaced a fuser in one of the printer and this hasn't changed the issue. Yesterday, I cleaned the fuser and the drum belt.

    I don't think it's a dirty component issue, might be a contaminated component problem, really not sure. But, I'm not putting them in the bin just yet, someone may come up with something.

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