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    Dec 2008
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    Paper stock explain

    I am new on this industry please help me identify those papers below

    I know that 67# lb =147 gm
    how about these below?

    14pt card stock =?gm
    16 pt card stock

    80# cover
    100# cover
    110# cover
    120# cover

    please help thank you

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    Jul 2006

    See this FAQ:
    http://www.colorprintingforum.com/pr...rsion-240.html (Paper weight conversion)

    Now pt is a measurement of thickness whereas gsm is a measurement of weight, so you can have stock of a given pt thickness that is slightly heavier or lighter in gsm due to different density.

    10 pt ~ 200 gsm
    12 pt ~ 250 gsm
    14 pt ~ 300 gsm
    16 pt ~ 350 gsm

    Kromekote is a common gloss cardstock to print for example --

    C1S (one side gloss coated)
    6pt 148 GSM
    8pt 184 GSM
    10pt 219 GSM
    12pt 247 GSM
    14pt 274 GSM

    C2S (both sides gloss coated)
    6pt 166 GSM
    8pt 201 GSM
    10pt 237 GSM
    12pt 265 GSM
    14pt 293 GSM

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    Dec 2008
    United States

    thanks for your help

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    May 2016

    Thanks for this info. Do you,by any chance, have a good source for a conversion calculator that will go up to 24pt?

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