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    Nov 2016

    Imagepress C750 Questions


    Been talking with Canon about this machine. Trying to get some feedback and market info.

    From what I gather, its one generation old, roughly. New Circa 2013, 2014?

    I see its specs at 300GSM. I am looking to print up to a 305 GSM matte finish stock. Think that would be a problem to duplex that stock with a tight registration for this machine? Will Canon alter its service agreement language to insure they will properly cover that stock and fully service the machine if I am running it. I don't care what the sales guys will tell me, will legal amend the contract languages sufficiently to cover me?

    What does a machine, which they claim has less than 1000 units (showroom unit), sell for, if I were to want to buy one rather than lease it?

    Anyone have any horror stories regarding this machine and its performance?


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    Nov 2016

    Hmm. Let me rephrase, after discussing this with them again. The machine I am looking for the above information on is specifically the 7010 VPS.

    Ryan Johnson
    GOB Retail

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