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    Jan 2010
    Nor Cal - USA

    Canon C1+ Looking to Buy


    I am currently looking at the Canon C1+ for printing my magazine, your thoughts?


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    Jan 2010

    The Canon C1+?

    Do yourself a favor and do NOT buy a Canon C1+ for your magazine.

    That unit is rediculously slow and the color is average at best in my opinion. I looked at it and it was tempting because of the price (which is all the Canon rep seemed to focus on) but in the end we went with Xerox; a little more money but worth every penny so far.

    We have the Xerox 700 and DC260. Both have been very good to us - especially the 700.

    Anyways, good luck with it...

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    Mar 2010
    Bordon, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    Would have to agree with printwizard.

    We had a C1 for a while but saw more engineers than finished print work. Very disappointing.
    Were eventually persuaded to part-ex for a Canon C6000 which is significantly faster, better quality and more reliable but we are still having regular visits from an engineer for 'maintenance'.

    Would love to turn back time and see if the Xerox path would have been better.

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    Mar 2010

    hello, i just got a c1 imagepress , it is a used model and we could not resist the price , we do not do high volume printing just needed a machine for short quick turn around , we got it set up and are trying to print but we are having a hard time matching the color , can anyone help we really neeed some help and thanks for the time

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    Mar 2010
    Bordon, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    I personally don't have anything to do with the colour matching on our C6000 presses (other than approving proofs), but I know our production guys have many profiles created for different stocks and calibrate it every morning with the Macbeth One-Eye that's connected to the Fiery RIP server. They also recalibrate if there's a particularly long run where there's one dominant colour throughout the job as it can change the consistency.

    The production guys also appear to tear their hair out when the colours need to be matched to a previously printed job. They quite often tweak the colour settings on the RIP to get this sorted.
    Designer for Colourgraphic Arts, Bordon, Hampshire, UK

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