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    Mar 2009
    Australia, Small Business

    IRC3220 - Bypass tray issues paper size issues !

    Just another one, when I set jobs through to the bypass tray, the machine always halts and I have to manually tell the machine to source paper from bypass tray.

    When I am printing to A4R and set the paper holder sliders to the A4R setting the printer says " sorry you paper setting slider is not set to A4R ", well it is , the only way to get it to print is to " squish" the sliders together - which causes the paper to " squish " before it lets me go forward to other settings and prints.

    It is not registering the position of the sliders in the bypass tray or they are out of wack or a not set accuratly, any help would be appreciated on how to fix this - and no the paper is A4 size - it seems that the bypass tray wants paper which is smaller by a couple of mm's so I can adjust the tray sliders closer together to have the machine register that it is A4R.

    Arrrrggghhhhhh!!!! So annoying!

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    Mar 2009

    3200 bypass tray

    I had this before I found it happened after I had cleared the Main Controler for another issue. If you re-input the setting that are on the Default Factory P-Print sheet that is stored in the inside door. The main ones to re-input are under COPIER - ADJUST - FEED-ADJ & CST-ADJ.

    Hope this helps

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    Mar 2009
    Australia, Small Business

    Hey thanks for that ! I got a Canon Tech buddy to go through the machine and its all set now ! The only thing left to figure out is the saddle stitching issue. When you output booklets, folded and saddle stitched, A5 or A3, I have full spread art so full spread art on A4 page which will be folded to A5 16pg booklet, when you send it to print and saddle stitch it doesn't print where the staples - or a 5mm margin is made in the center of the fold and stitch, I will have to ask the Tech dude about this, but if you have had an experience with this and can shed some light on it it would be cool ! Thanks anyway . A.



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