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    Mar 2012

    IR C4080 ImagePass H1 issues and other Driver Related issues.

    I'd like to start by saying that im really glad i actually found a forum community for copiers and printers, and hopefully you guys can help.
    My issue is that i had an IRC4080 for 4 years now and we all know that they have issues especially with the fuser. Mine was on its last leg the last couple months and instead of buying all the new parts i needed to fix the damn thing i went ahead and found a really good deal on a Brand new IRC4080 on ebay. It was a great deal. In fact buying a new fuser and a couple other parts would have cost alot more than i spent on the new printer. Now we got the new printer in and we took the fiery Imagepass-H1 off the old printer and put it on the new printer, the new printer boots up just fine. I went into service mode just as the Fiery Manual told me to and set Copier>Interface>Network=3 instead of 0, appearently that is what tells the printer to communicate with imagepass. I did that got out of service mode, rebooted the printer, then went to the Printer Tab> Where Printer/Settings is, i press Printer/Settings and it says "Please wait"(for about a minute or so) then it tells me something along the lines of "Wait a moment, Please check the power source to the print server behind the unit." now i have everything plugged in correctly. I can not get past that screen. I cant not get the print server working, or to communicate. The wierd thing is that the Error Code on the Fiery server says "00" which means its booted and functioning correctly.

    I have tried swapping interface cards and hard drives from both printers and still cant get the ImagePass to Communicate with the printer and/or the network.

    I also gave up on this issue to try to do a temporary fix by bringing in a laptop and setting it up for usb printing.

    So the laptop is kinda old and has windows vista on it.

    I went to the canon site and tried to install, PCL, PCL5, PCL6, UFRII, none of them would work, The UFRII came close to working i would get the progress light to blick ounce and the printer would activate as if it was trying to print and then stop as if it was done printing. I tryed every driver on the webpage. I am at a lose for words right now. I have no hair left. Please help.

    If you would like pictures of the setup just to clarify i have installed everything correctly, i will be more than glad to post them. If anyone asks yes im using the reverse cat5 cable from the ImagePass to the printer.

    PS Please excuse my horrible use of punctuation, spelling and run on sentences.

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    Feb 2011
    New Zealand

    I'm assuming you have the Fiery on the same I.P. range as the rest of your network, in which case, you will know it's I.P. address. Through your internet browser (with Java enabled), you need to download the driver from the Fiery itself (browse to the fiery using its I.P. address).
    Try using that instead of the 7065 driver.

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